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Nematology has been a major component of the Department of Plant Pathology at Cornell University for the past 50 years. Many prominent nematologists trained at Cornell and a considerable amount of nematological research has been produced by the Department. The man most responsible for the sucess of nematology at Cornell is Dr. William F. Mai. Dr. Mai received his Ph.D. from Cornell in plant virology but was then hired as a faculty member to solve the golden nematode problem on Long Island. From these beginnings, nematology flourished at Cornell.

Dr. Mai wrote a personal history of nematology titled "Nematology at Cornell University" in 1996. It spans the years from 1940 to 1996 and includes a history of nematology at Cornell, nematological publications generated at Cornell, nematology graduate students and contact information for past students. Dr. Mai's Reference Library, an Endnote database of of over 5000 nematology articles, is also available for download on this site.

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