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Click to search for CUP specimens via MyCoPortal
Please note: not all CUP specimens have been digitized.

We manage our collection data for specimens and photographs using Specify software. We continue to actively add records, but not all of our holdings have been digitized. Our digital specimen information is searchable through MyCoPortal, a mycology collections portal that serves data from many American collections. If you do not find what you're looking for via MyCoPortal, please do email us with your request—we can search our physical collections for you.

Our digitized photographs can be browsed and searched via SharedShelf, courtesy of the excellent people of Cornell University Library. More on CUP's Photograph Collections here.

In our physical facility, CUP collections are filed by accession number, not fungus name. In addition to our databasing efforts, specimens are currently indexed by a large card file. The downside of our space-efficient system is that the Curator must visit many locations to find, for e.g., "all of our Amanita" specimens. If requesting specimens for loan, please make your request as specific as you can.