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Prof. Korf in 1972We are sad to report that CUP's Director Emeritus, Professor Richard P. Korf, passed away on August 20, 2016 at the age of 91. He left an enduring legacy in mycology, and a rich trove of specimens of discomycetes and other fungi at CUP. Dr. Korf is remembered in this Cornell Chronicle article. Friends may choose to remember him by supporting the next generation of mycologists, via a donation to Cornell's Richard P. Korf Graduate Excellence Fund.

Lately at CUP we curated and digitized the extensive collections of G.F. Atkinson (1854-1918), a prolific and influential Cornell mycologist. Learn more about him on our Atkinson website.

With the Macrofungi Collections Consortium and the Microfungi Collections Consortium, we are contributing CUP data to mycoportal, part of an effort to document historical collections of macrofungi in North America. As a member of the Consortium of Lichen Herbaria, CUP is also contributing data to lichenportal. We appreciate support from the National Science Foundation for these three projects.


The Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium (CUP) is a large research collection of preserved fungi and other organisms that cause plant diseases. CUP is the fourth or fifth largest mycological herbarium in North America. We hold about 400,000 fungus and plant disease specimens, including over 7000 type specimens, each the first of its kind to be described and named. The CUP Photograph Collection includes about 60,000 historical scientific photographs of mushrooms, agricultural practices, plant diseases, and portraits.

Our collections have moved into a newly-renovated, permanent facility on Game Farm Road, at the eastern edge of the Cornell campus. Our new home provides excellent space for our collections and for visitors. Please note that our mailing address has not changed.


Russula spp. from G.F. Atkinson's Studies of American Fungi (1901). CUP 63522.

Dr. Kathie T. Hodge, Director
Assoc. Professor of Mycology

Dr. Scott LaGreca, Curator

Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium
Section of Plant Pathology
  & Plant-Microbe Biology
334 Plant Science Bldg.
School of Integrative Plant Science
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

telephone: 607-255-2777
fax: 607-255-4471

Other Personnel

Robert Dirig, Honorary Curator of Lichens
Françoise Candoussau, Honorary Curator of Fungi
Teresa Iturriaga, Honorary Curator of Fungi

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