Soil Fair @Ag Day

Summer 2022

Congratulations Eileen, Nicole and Jack! (May 2022)

Tiny Spores Full of Promise

A Profusion of Fungi—the Role of Endosymbiotic Bacteria

Summer 2021

Study of fungi may improve baby food, agriculture, food safety

A perfect match

Congratulations Chase!

Summer 2019

Summer 2018

An Addiction Crucial to a Fungus’ Reproduction

Crossing kingdoms between plants, fungi and bacteria

Bacteria help fungi have sex

Pawlowska lab shows that lipids are key to mutualistic fungal-bacterial symbiosis

Of Mutualism and Lipid Metabolism in Fungi

Fungi essential for land plants live with mysterious bacteria

Microbial Friends & Foes REU

EVOLUTION Ottawa 2012

Congratulations Dan!

Symbiosis & Cooperation Group

CALS Summer Explorations

Congratulations Meghan and Henk!
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