Willis Fisher
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Willis Fisher first applied for a job in the newly created Department of Plant Pathology in 1907. Shortly after starting as stockroom clerk, he saw a photo of a diseased plant taken by someone else on campus and remarked to department chair H.H. Whetzel, "I can do better than that." After providing samples, Fisher was named Stockroom Clerk and Photographer, thus launching a distinguished career in scientific photography that lasted 43 years. Mr. Fisher was dedicated to making the most of proven photographic technology while experimenting with contemporary advances in films, cameras and lenses. He was a skilled technician and innovator during a period of great change in photographic methods.

<i>Lentinus lepideus</i> Autochrome Oat Smut Silvery Scurf
Corm Rot Corn Smut Fruit Rot Yellow Dwarf
<i>Leotia stipitata</i> Farm Tour Elm Stump Morel Mushroom
<i>Claudopus nidulans</i> Tobacco Mosaic Virus Fire Blight Soil Heater
Tulip Rot Stance of Bee Sporophores Emerging