Kent Loeffler's Art Photos
21 pages

Kent Loeffler had his first camera at age 12 and a darkroom as a teenager, having been introduced to photography by his father, a World War II photographic specialist. Throughout the 30 years since then, Loeffler has maintained an interest in fine art photography alongside his professional career as a scientific photographer.

Loeffler shows his work regionally in upstate New York, most recently participating in the Everson Biennial (2000) at the Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY.

Highway to Helen's Coldwater Lake & Mount St. Helen's Crater Lake Ponte Vecchio
Green Sandals Kate & The Campanile 27 Borgo San Jacopo 37 Borgo San Jacopo
39 Borgo San Jacopo Baja Baņo Graffiti Orange Wall
Cascadilla Creek Sunflowers Vine Prince
Prince's World Blue House That Big Yellow Maple Goldenrod