The following people at Cornell University, listed alphabetically, provided content and assistance for Plant Pathology Photos. Please note that information about individuals may have changed since the publication of this Explore Cornell feature.

Kathie Hodge
Department of Plant Pathology

Professor Hodge offered historical materials on G.F. Atkinson and the Plant Pathology collections. Her research focuses on fungi that cause fatal diseases of insects. They include gruesome agents of biological control, sources of pharmaceutical drugs, and objects of wonder. Dr. Hodge studies their evolution, diversity, and ecology, and is Director of the Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium. (Related Sites).

E. Richard Hoebeke
Senior Extension Associate, Department of Entomology
Assistant Curator, Cornell University Insect Collection

Rick Hoebeke's primary research interests focus on the detection and survey of non-indigenous (exotic) insects among the North American entomofauna. Over the past 20 years, he has discovered many species new to the Western Hemisphere, North America, or the United States, and has written or co-written over 60 publications on these and related topics. Aside from exotic species work, Rick's research interests include phylogenetic and taxonomic studies of beetles of the family Staphylinidae, which he has studied for over 20 years.

Kent Loeffler
Department of Plant Pathology

Kent Loeffler's excellent scientific photography was the subject of the Explore Cornell feature Plant Pathology Photos. His imaging skills have been critical in the creation of other Explore Cornell releases such as The Wason Collection.

Kent Loeffler in the studio, 2002.