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Explore Cornell makes extensive use of internet multimedia technologies -- video, audio, virtual reality, interactive features -- which are intended to create a rich user experience. In order to receive the benefits, users must have certain things in place. Read below for assistance.

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Flash Plug-in
interactive features
Download the Flash plug-in

In order to interact with features created in Flash, you will need the Flash 5.0 plug-in (or later version). The latest version is free and available for Macintosh and Windows at the Macromedia site. Download the Flash plug-in and follow the instructions on the Macromedia site.

Internet Explorer currently comes with the Flash plug-in pre-installed. But it may be a version earlier than Flash 5.0. If you are sure you have the Flash 5.0 plug-in (or later version), you'll have no trouble with our flash features.

Otherwise, you need:
Flash (latest version) -- Download the plug-in from Macromedia.
Web Browsers
supported by Explore Cornell

This site will work best with Internet Explorer version 4.5 or higher. Still, we have worked to provide a solid product for users of Netscape 4.75+ despite that browser's considerable deficiencies. AOL browsers use versions of the Internet Explorer engine and are therefore supported by Explore Cornell, but most AOL users will experience problems which are unique to AOL (such as decreased image quality).

For any browser, make sure you have the QuickTime and Flash plug-ins installed.

You can download Internet Explorer free of charge from Microsoft for the following operating systems:

Fast Connection Recommended
big downloads, rich features

This site was designed to be experienced over a high speed Internet connection. Pages on Explore Cornell that contain multimedia files are often many times larger than those containing only text and simple graphics. Your visit to Explore Cornell will be facilitated by a fast connection such as cable, DSL, or T-1.

You can view the site with a modem over standard telephone lines, but you may have to wait several minutes (perhaps 10 or more in some cases) before panoramas, videos, and other multimedia features download completely, and work properly.