Legume Research Network Project

LRNP, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
P.O. Box 14733, Nairobi, Kenya

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The Legume Research Network was formed in 1994 as a Legume Screening Network (LSN) to primarily evaluate and identify suitable legume species for the different regions in Kenya and eventually incorporate the best bets in the existing farming systems. Since then the Network has expanded its activities to include agronomy, evaluation of grain legumes, seed bulking as well as livestock feeding studies. As a result of this expansion, the LSN changed its name to Legume Reserach Network Project which reflects the range of activities it is involved in. The LRNP covers 11 sites spread across the country from the Coastal region to Western Kenya and covers major agorecological zones. The project is primarily funded by theRockefeller Foundation and Kenya Agriculture Research Institute (KARI) at the National Agriculture Research Laboratories (NARL).

The LRNP Newsletter has been published biannually since June 1999. In addition to reporting on Network activities and noting upcoming events, the Newsletter publishes short articles on legume research, especially those based on research aimed at integrating legumes into smallholder agriculture. Issues 1-9 (June 1999-June 2003) are available below in pdf format. (NOTE: If your download time for pdf files is too long, you can also request an electronic copy be e-mailed to you).

  • Issue #1, June 1999
  • Issue #2, February 2000
  • Issue #3, June 2000
  • Issue #4, December 2000
  • Issue #5, June 2001
  • Issue #6, December 2001
  • Issue #7, June 2002
  • Issue #8, December 2002
  • Issue #9, June 2003

  • Issue #10, December 2003
  • Issue #11, June 2004

  • The newsletters are availbable in pdf format and can by viewed in their original formatting by using Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this software and would like to download Acrobat Reader, it is available free of charge from the Adobe website.

    To order hard copies or to contribute to the LRNP Newsletter, contact the coordinator, Joseph Muriethi at jmureithi@africaonline.co.ke, or the editors, D.M.G. Njarui and G.K.K. Gachene.

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