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Culture Media and Inoculum Preparation
Complete Media and Modified CM media (Word doc 25 KB)
LCA & PDA & V8 (Word doc 44 KB)
OAT meal agar II (OMA II) (Word doc 28 KB)
Solid Inoculum for Northern Corn Leaf Blight (Word doc 27 KB)
Cercospora culture (Word doc 29KB)
NLB spore suspension (Word doc 25 KB)

PCR Related Protocols
PCR-Sequencing Protocol (Word doc 61 KB)
10x PCR Reaction Buffer (Word doc 28 KB)
SSR PCR Condition: FAM-M13(-21) Nested PCR (Word doc 19 KB)
SSR PCR  Condition--- ABI 3730-BRC Machine (Word doc 37 KB)
Taq Polymerase Synthesis (Word doc 47 KB)

DNA Extraction
DNA extractions using CTAB (Word doc 40 KB)
Picogreen DNA quantification (Word doc 28 KB)

TrypanBlue and AnilineBlue Staining (Word doc 146 KB)
Calibration of Microscopic Images (Word doc 511 KB)

Enzyme Activities Assay (Word doc 57 KB)
Electrophoresis (Word doc 27 KB)


SSR Primers, April 2009 (Excel doc 175 KB)

Pathogen Stocks

Pathogen Stock list, March 6, 2009 (Excel doc 325 KB)