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Welcome to the Milgroom lab!

The overall goal of research in our lab is to understand the population biology of fungal plant pathogens.  Our activities include studies on classical genetics, population genetics, population genomics and ecology of fungi.  Our goal is to address questions about population biology that integrate information from any of these types of studies. 

There are two main emphases of research in the lab: 1) the biology and ecology of Aspergillus flavus, one of the major species that produces aflatoxin, and 2) the population biology of Verticillium dahliae, which causes Verticillium wilt on a large variety of plant species.

More information on research

This awarding-winning photo of Aspergillus flavus, titled "Microbial Sunrise", was taken by Tracy Scott, a former technician in the Milgroom lab, using an iPhone through the lens of a compound microscope. Tracy entered this photo in the Nikon Small World 2017 Photomicrography Competition and came in 20th!

"Microbial Sunrise", photo of Aspergillus flavus condiophores and a contaminating yeast colony. Photo by Tracy Scott.    

Aspergillus flavus on maize kernel

Aspergillus flavus sporulating on a maize kernel (Photo by Mickey Drott).