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I currently teach two courses in Plant Pathology:

1) Plant Pathology 6020: Biology of Plant Pathogens

2) Plant Pathology 642: Pathogen population biology


PlPa 6020 Biology of Plant Pathogens

Spring semester, 3 credits, co-taught with Keith Perrry

Biology and ecology of four major groups of plant pathogens: fungi, bacteria, viruses, and oomycetes. Model plant pathogens are used to illustrate concepts of pathogen diversity, evolution, reproduction, life cycles, movement, diagnosis, and control. Lecture and laboratory topics are coordinated with PLPA 6010 to provide students with a comprehensive treatment of pathogen–host interactions at all levels from molecular to ecological. Laboratory periods are used for hands-on demonstration of pathogen diagnosis and manipulation or to discuss current literature relevant to lecture topics.


PlPa 642 Pathogen population biology

Fall semester, 1 credit

This is a graduate seminar course that explores current literature in the population biology and evolution of pathogens.  Discussion sometimes includes papers on human and animal pathogens, in addition to those on plant pathogens.  Although the main goal is to familiarize students broadly with recent literature, we usually have a theme for the semester.  In recent years we have had themes such as emerging pathogens, virus evolution, and analytical methods in population genetics as they have been applied to pathogens. Students are expected to present material from papers and actively participate in discussions.

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