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Publications from collaborations
(since 1996)

--Betancourt, M., Fraile, A., Milgroom, M.G., García-Arenal, F. 2016. Aphid vector population density determines the emergence of necrogenic satellite RNAs in populations of cucumber mosaic virus. Journal of General Virology 97:1453-1457. [article]

--Pagán, I., Montes, N., Milgroom, M. G., and García-Arenal, F. 2014. Vertical transmission selects for reduced virulence in a plant virus and for increased resistance in the host. PLoS Pathogens 10: e1004293. [article]

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--Park, S.-Y., Chi, M.-H., Milgroom, M. G., Kim, H., Han, S. S., Kang, S., Lee, Y.-H., 2010. Genetic stability of Magnaporthe oryzae during successive passages through rice plants and on artificial medium. Plant Pathology Journal 26: 313-320.
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Grapevine showing symptoms of esca disease and fruiting bodies of Fomitiporia punctata (Photo from P. Cortesi) .