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I currently teach two courses in Plant Pathology:

1) Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds. PLPA 2010.

2) Magical Mushrooms, Mischeivous Molds and More.  PlPa 2013

Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds. PLPA 2010
Spring Semester, 2 credits T,R. 1:25-2:10

magical mushroom coverStudents enrolled in this course will get a light but substantive introduction to the world of the fungi. You will learn about the Fungi and their roles in nature and in shaping past and present civilizations. Emphasis will be on the historical and practical significance of fungi as decayers of organic matter, as pathogens of plants and animals, as food and as sources of mind-altering chemicals.
For the PLPA 2010 class description and syllabus click here

Magical Mushrooms, Mischievous Molds, and More.  PlPa 2013.
Spring Semester, 3 credits  T,R. 1:25 -2:10 and F. 9:05-9:55 or 10:10-11:00 or 12:20-1:15

Students enrolled in this course attend the same lectures that are given for PlPa 2010, take the same exams and must submit a term paper as assigned the first week of class.  They must also attend a discussion/lab section on Friday each week.  PlPa 2013 fulfills 3 credits of Life Science credit for students in Arts and Sciences and in selected "non-science" majors in CALS.
For the PLPA 2013 class description and syllabus click here



white pine blister rust

White pine blister rust