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Dr. Hudler presents updates at annual meetings of the New York State Arborists Association, the Long Island Arborists Association, and the Christmas Tree Farmers of New York. He is also a regular participant at the Pro Turf and Landscape Conference in White Plains and makes frequent appearances at regional tree care conferences as well as those elsewhere in the Northeast.

Each summer, he collaborates with Greg Hoover (Department of Entomology,George Hudler and Greg Hoover Penn State University) and the NYS Arborists Association to offer two three-day courses, Field Diagnosis of Insects and Diseases of Trees and Shrubs. Dates for the courses are usually announced in January each year and enrollment for each course is limited to 30 students. Contact NYS Arborists for more information (

Dr. Hudler also collaborates with Dawn Dailey-O’Brien to publish BRANCHINGBranching Out OUT: An IPM Newsletter for Trees and Shrubs. The newsletter is published every two weeks from mid-March through mid-July, then every three weeks through September. Receipt via hard copy and/or electronically is via subscription only. See for more information.