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Holm's plate

One of my 3-yr-old son's books, Fibblestax, is about a competiton between two taxonomists. One is a "good" taxonomist who gives things rightful and pleasing names, and the other a "bad" taxonomist, whose errors include calling cream "goobywickus." One of the lessons of the book is that it's important for things to have names so they can be fully acknowledged and understood (also, that "bad" taxonomists should be cast out).

This fungus (fig. VI) was named Isaria farinosa in 1781 by the Danish mycologist T. Holm. It had been sadly neglected because some nomenclatural confusion gave it a "bad" name. Now we've lovingly dusted off the old name Isaria, formalized it, and conserved a proper type for it. We offer it to you, the learned public, as a repository for Isaria-like things.

See: Hodge, K. T., W. Gams, R. A. Samson, R. P. Korf, and K. A. Seifert. 2005. Lectotypification and status of Isaria Pers.: Fr. Taxon 54:485-489.