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Emergency Help

Medical, Fire, Police

Call 911.

Chemical Exposure

If serious, call 911. Utilize the eye wash or shower if necessary. Keep the exposed skin under running water and ask anyone in the vicinity to consult the MSDS for first aid measures. Once the proper first aid has been given, notify the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S, phone: 294-7667). University employees may schedule appointments for work-related medical evaluations by calling the Occupational Medicine office at 294-2056.

Radiation Spills

For emergencies involving radioactive materials, evacuate the room if necessary and call EH&S at 294-0746 (during regular hours). After hours or on weekends or holidays, call the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 294-4428. For minor spills, follow EH&S procedures.

Gas or Water Leaks, Electrical Hazards

Call Facilities Planning & Management (FPM) at 294-5100, or DPS at 294-4428 if after hours. If you detect a leak (gas smells like rotten eggs) and can rapidly shut off supply at the source, do so, then call FPM. Otherwise, evacuate and call from another phone.

General chemical or safety questions

EH&S website

For all emergencies, inform Dr. Bogdanove as soon as it is practical.