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Cornell Plant Pathology Herbarium Photograph Collection

Several thousand digitized images from the Cornell Plant Pathology Photo Archives.

Explore Cornell

An archived site containing numerous projects involving the Plant Path Photo Lab.

Department of Plant Pathology, Cornell, Ithaca, NY

Cornell Mushroom Blog

Humerous and insightful articles on all things fungal, edited by Prof. Kathie Hodge.


Kinsman Physics Productions

Time lapse, high speed, X-ray photography and more from Ted Kinsman in Rochester, NY

Cognysis Inc

Specialized equipment for deep focus stacking and high speed photography applications.

Helicon Focus

Software for creating deep depth of fieldimages from a stack of shallow focus images.

VR Toolbox

QuickTime VR authoring software.

Kent Loeffler Smugmug Page

Kent Loeffler art photography site.