Reading Assignment for March 4

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This week:

Pringle ANNE, Adams RI, Cross HB, Bruns TD. 2009. The ectomycorrhizal fungus Amanita phalloides was introduced and is expanding its range on the west coast of North America. Molecular Ecology 18(5): 817-833.

Please read the whole paper, and come prepared to present and discuss the section to which you are assigned (see below). If you will not be able to attend on Wednesday at 1:25, please let us know so we can reassign your section.


(notice that nobody is assigned the Methods section--please cover methods appropriate to your bit.)

Introduction STEPHEN
Results: Summary Stats of Neutrality... SHAWN
Results: Phylogeny and haplotype networks MARIN
Results: The IGS2 locus OMER
Results: The History of A. phalloides in California BRADFORD
Discussion: start thru 3rd paragraph CHRISTINE
Discussion: 4th paragraph thru end TIFFANY


(Not everybody may have an assignment every week)

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