PLPA 638
(cross list BIOGD 638)

Filamentous Fungal Genomics and Development

B. Gillian Turgeon

Spring. 1 credit. S-U grade optional. Prerequisite: BIOGD 281 or equivalent.

12 lectures - March 28 - April 27th, 2005
(no class April 13th or 15th)

Class day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Class Time: 10:10 am - 11:00 am
Class room: 336 Plant Science

Molecular genetic and genomic approaches to the study of fungal biology. Topics addressed include 1) Application of contemporary molecular genetic methodology to genetic dissection of developmental processes, such as plant pathogenesis, 2) Structural characteristics of sequenced fungal genomes, and 3) Case studies: comparative genomics, phylogenomics, expression profiling, proteomics plant/microbe interactions.

Other interested Cornell students and staff who wish to participate in our discussions are welcome to attend, even if not enrolled in the course.

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