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Every year, the Peck Foray unites lovers of mushrooms and other fungi for a weekend of collecting and identification. It's been hosted since 1954 by a different volunteer organizer each year. It's usually somewhere in New York.

The Peck Foray is open to all who are interested in fungi. Attendees traditionally include professors and their students, talented nonprofessional mycologists, and curious amateurs. There is typically no formal education program, only the joint collecting and sharing of interesting mushrooms and other fungi.

The Peck was developed years ago as a way for graduate and undergraduate students to practice their fungal identification skills. This thing is run by professors, so it has a pedagogical slant: we hope you'll WORK on your finds and learn by discussing them. This focus on students also means we try to keep the foray inexpensive to encourage student participation, and, depending on the facility, we may prioritize student registrations.

Peck mushrooms 2017

Some mushrooms found in 2017, in Newcomb, NY (A. Timm)



The Next Peck

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The 2018 Peck Foray is Sept 21-23 at the Sieg Conference Center in central Pennsylvania. Our volunteer host is Professor Barrie Overton of Lock Haven University.

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Registration opened July 30. Please download the Invitation/Registration form for details and costs.

Past Pecks

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Where we've been since we started up in 1954.

Who was Peck?

about Peck

Peck was an influential mycologist in New York state in the late 1800s and early 1900s. He named many of the mushrooms we know today.