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Nematology at Cornell

A History, by W.F. Mai

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Courses in Plant Nematology

The first formal instruction in plant nematology was by Mai in 1955 as a part of Advanced Plant Pathology (201). This course also included instruction in plant virology by Ross and in plant bacteriology by Burkholder. The nematology instruction lasted for approximately four weeks. In 1956-57 Mai first offered a 2 credit-hour course in plant nematology. Anatomy, morphology, and taxonomy were emphasized. This course was offered until 1967.

Beginning in 1967 a three-hour course entitled Plant Nematology by Mai and Harrison was offered. Anatomy, morphology, and taxonomy of plant parasitic forms and non-parasitic soil inhabiting forms of nematodes were studied. Plant pathogenic forms were considered from the standpoint of host-pathogen relationships, host ranges, life cycles, and the symptoms they cause. Principles and methods of control were discussed. From 1967 through 1980 this course was labeled 506, in 1981 706, and 736 in 1982.

Advanced Plant Nematology for graduate students majoring or minoring in plant pathology with special interest in plant nematology was presented by Mai. From 1967 through 1980 this course was labeled 556, in 1981 726 and in 1982 756. This was a considerably more intensive course than the three-credit hour course. Graduate students with special interest in plant nematology took both courses.

Mann Ko at Cornell from 1986-1989 taught Phytonematology (706) in the fall of 1986. He also taught Special Topics in Plant Nematology (646) and sections on nematology in Plant Pathology 301 and 701.

Beginning in 1967 and extending through 1982 a Plant Nematology Discussion session was held every week during each of the two semesters and usually weekly between sessions. This course was presented by Mai and Harrison joined by Brodie in 1969.

At the present time Brodie is presenting a discussion session in plant nematology which meets with plant pathology 644.

In the spring term of 1991 a 3-hour course in plant nematology was presented by George Abawi (on the Geneva staff), Barbara Mullin (had just completed her Ph.D. in plant pathology with a thesis in plant nematology) and W. F. Mai (retired). The course was entitled Advanced Nematology (756).

During the spring term of 1994 a three-hour course in plant nematology was presented by Bob Dunn on leave from the University of Florida. Bob was a former graduate student at Cornell majoring in plant pathology with a special emphasis in plant nematology. The course he presented was 706, a 2-credit hour course for graduate students with a major or minor in plant pathology.

During the 1990s Peter Mullin, Coordinator of Laboratory Instruction has presented approximately two weeks instruction in plant nematology in several courses. These courses included Introductory Plant Pathology (301, Sinclair), Plant Disease Management (241, Arneson), and Plant Disease Diagnosis, (411, Hudler). In January, 1996 Peter Mullin resigned-to accept a position in plant nematology in the State of Washington with a commercial company.

(page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)