Ramaria farinosa T. Holm, 1781


R. farinosa

The species known today as Paecilomyces farinosus was first described by T. Holm in 1781. The images linked to this page are pages of his original article in Danish. Annette Bruun Jensen helped translate the section that begins half-way down page 299 on "Ramaria farinosa."

Annette's English translation is here.

Holm's Fig. VI, to be reprinted in the manuscript is here.

The images are large jpeg files. They are best saved to disk and printed for easier reading (one page each at 300 dpi). On my computer I do this by holding down the right mouse botton on each link and selecting "Save."

Holm, T. 1781. Afhanding om nogle Kryptogamer, som deels voxe paa visse Deele af andre Vexter deels fremkomme af Dyre-Riget iblant hvilke Stridskøllen (Clavaria militaris) og den Pudrede Greensvamp (Ramaria farinosa) fornemmeligne beskrives. Kongelige Danske videnskabernes sels kabs skrifter Nye Samling 1: 279-302.

--Kathie Hodge